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The Blue Dragonfly Labs team has more than twenty-five years of experience leveraging innovative technologies and practices to impact complex issues in education, conservation and the environment, health, and more.

We specialize in:

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Digital transformation and experience

Strategic program and product oversight

Learning design

Multi-platform content



At Blue Dragonfly Labs, we believe in the power of storytelling.

We strive to tell our own story in unique and compelling ways.

Every client experience becomes an important part of that story.



Blue Dragonfly Labs has worked on a wide range of projects, each tailored to the needs of the organization. Typically, BDL acts as an expert guide, leading the client through a transformational process and coaching them to harness expertise and ideas, identify opportunities, challenges and solutions, and build the capacity to meet them. 


While some of our projects are under NDAs and cannot be shared, click through our Sample Project gallery below to read more about some of our client success stories.



Blue Dragonfly Labs has worked with clients in diverse industries including

education | conservation | media and entertainment | museums and institutions 

GIS, AR/VR, AI and other Tech | healthcare and wellness| pet services

Dragonfly Wings


in digital in business  in learning

At Blue Dragonfly Labs, we guide our clients through a transformational process

to adapt to, learn from, and impact a changing world.


We use a discovery approach to help our clients tap into their collective vision and wisdom, and to build and harness the capacity to create meaningful change and growth.