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Membership & Community

North American Association for Environmental Education 

Washington, DC

Blue Dragonfly Labs advised the Executive Director of NAAEE and her team on the design of their new membership website and online community connecting environmental education professionals around the world.


For more than four decades, NAAEE has promoted excellence in environmental education throughout North America and the world. They are dedicated to strengthening the field of environmental education and increasing the visibility and efficacy of the profession. Their mission is to accelerate environmental literacy and civic engagement through the power of environmental education.

NAAEE has members in more than 30 countries who are professionals with environmental education responsibilities and interests across business, government, higher education, formal (K–12) education, nonformal education, early childhood education, science education and STEM, and other sectors of society.


NAAEE engaged Blue Dragonfly Labs to do strategic consulting and business analysis in support of informing and advising NAAEE's business strategy, prioritized decision-making, and implementation, to include support of NAAEE's strategic planning, technology and content road-mapping, team- and capacity-building, platform selection, feature set development and roll-out, information architecture, content style guides and templates, content development and publishing, taxonomy and search strategy, visual design and branding, user/ market /stakeholder research, promotional and user/ stakeholder engagement strategy, and conference planning. 

Blue Dragonfly Labs' work with NAAEE particularly focused on the development of their new website which included their brand new robust membership community portal called eePRO. eePRO is an online community to connect environmental education (EE) professionals from around the world to each other and to the most effective professional development resources available in the environmental education field. Members have access to job opportunities, webinars, online courses, workshops, and a variety of resources. They can also post resources, events, jobs, and other happenings they want to share.

BDL joined the design and development team as an expert advisor to the Executive Director of NAAEE and her team on the design of eePRO. We gave detailed feedback in multiple iterations of the design and development process, from UX/UI to IA to wireframes and mock ups to functional site. This included everything from functionality, feature design and placement, design treatments, iconography, color palettes, fonts and other design elements. We also advised on data collection and analysis to help inform the team on NAAEE member interest levels in eePRO functionality and features. We also shared online learning community models of various success from our work at National Geographic and with organizations such as the Verizon Foundation, as well as models of other prominent online learning community sites, to distill best practices and identify pitfalls of unsuccessful communities.

Today eePRO is a robust online community supporting the professional development of NAAEE members and the environmental education community around the world.

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